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Introducing Anti-Theft Backpack with USB charging

The backpack is antistatic, easy to clean and not deformed. Made of polyester fiber which is a high strength wear-resistant fabric. Having a USB cable is the other advantage.

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  1. USB Charging socket on the side of the bag
  2. The back is equipped with convenient pouch
  3. Pockets can be inserted into the pull rod, easy to carry.
  4. The interior of the bag is clear, you can easily categorize items.
  5. The length of shoulder straps is adjustable.


  1. Item weight: 730g / 1.6lb
  2. Package weight: 760g / 1.67lb
  3. Item size: 43x26x10cm/16.9×10.2×3.93in
  4. Package size: 46x30x11cm / 18.1×11.8×4.33in
  5. Package list: 1 Backpack

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