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Desktop – SmartCup is a proud Product of the Tobile Technologies India Private Limited and this Unique device can be used anywhere both at home or office.

The Desktop- Smart Cup keeps your drink Hot/Cold, much useful for long hours. Our unique device made several patents for its design, Technology and registered with the brand trademark also this car accessory is certified by the CE & RoHS standards.

Desktop – SmartCup Saves you money and time It is perfect for anyone who feels thirsty by keeping Soft Drink/Coffee accessible at all times. The regular Desktop Smart Cup can be connected with 12V DC power socket and plug. It makes hot/cold drinks – Perfect Cool as much as 0°C Temperature and makes it warm as much as 60°C Temperature. Importantly The figures depend on the usage conditions and room temperature of the place.


  1. Base size : L236mm*W116mm*H40.5mm
  2. Box size: L250*W155*H125mm
  3. Cup volume : 380ml
  4. Voltage: 12V
  5. Current: 3A
  6. Power: 36W
  7. Materials: Aluminum 6063 + PC/ABS+Plastic cup
  8. Weight: 1223g for plastic cup
  9. Efficiency: Keep drinks cold or hot always

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