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Smart Cup is a proud Product of the Tobile Technologies India Private Limited and Smart cup is the one of its new kind of innovative device where tiny device provides much useful for the people who own the car. Where the unique device made several patents for its design, Technology and registered with the brand trademark also the product is certified by the CE & RoHS standards.

Smart Cup Saves you money and time It is perfect for anyone who feels thirsty while driving by keeping Soft Drink/Coffee accessible at all times. Smart Cup used by connecting 12V DC power socket which is available in the most of the car as a cigarette lighter, Smart Cup Makes your drink Perfect Cool as much as 0°C Temperature and makes it warm as much as 60°C Temperature. Importantly The figures depend on the usage conditions and room temperature of the car or place.


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  1. Cup size – 16x10cm
  2. Cup size – 16x10cm
  3. Box size – 10.5×10.5x17cm
  4. Inner cup size – 72cm Diameter
  5. Voltage – Power 12V – 36W
  6. Materials – Aluminium 6061  + ABS + PC- Weight – 500gms
  7. Using range – Aluminium bottles, Metal bottle and Beverage cans within 7.2cm diameter


  1. Connect to cigarette lighter 12v in the car.
  2. Connect to cigarette lighter 12v in the car.
  3. Smart cup fits in all model cars.
  4. Cools to 150 C Heats to 550 C. Best results in less than 15 minutes.
  5. Say No to Plastic
  6. Use only metal containers for best results

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